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Magaly Medina’s program is not only broadcast on the ATV signal, but also through their social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. In these digital spaces, users have the power to express what they think about the content of shows by the popular Urraca.

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In the latest edition of her program broadcast on YouTube, dozens of users sent penguins to Magaly Medina in reference to her husband, the notary Alfredo Zambrano, who sent a notarized letter to Janet Barboza for calling him like this bird.

It is worth mentioning that, both on her Instagram account and on Facebook, Magaly Medina only has messages from her followers, but no penguins, unlike the broadcasts of her programs on YouTube. Will you have an agile community manager?

What did Janet Barboza say in “América Hoy” after receiving a notarial letter from Alfredo Zambrano?

Janet Barboza used the cameras of the “América Hoy” program to speak out after Alfredo Zambrano, husband of Magaly Medina, sent her a notarized letter for defamatory and offensive conduct.

Far from taking the case seriously, the presenter joked at all times about the notarial letter that came into her possession.

“I want to make my discharge, give me a minute. I would like América Televisión to give me two minutes of its programming because I think it is important that I download it.”he said at the beginning.

“I want to tell all the penguins in Peru to forgive me because they are beautiful penguins and they have nothing to do with you. I always referred to the Penguin from Batman (the movie)Barboza added as a joke.

Alfredo Zambrano sent a notarial letter to Janet Barboza

As the driver Magaly Medina had anticipated, Alfredo Zambrano sent a notarial letter to Janet Barboza for his controversial statements, where he describes the notary as a “penguin” and hints that he would have been unfaithful to the ATV driver.

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The presenter of “América Hoy” used her Instagram account to share with her followers the document sent by the notary. “When you insult and harm, but nobody tells you anything”Barboza wrote when showing the notarial letter.

“Please serve this to request that within 24 hours, counted from receiving this, I rectify the aggravating statements made to the detriment of my personrectification that must be made through the media and proportionally to the damage caused”, could be read in the office.