“Utama” best Ibero-American film and Sbaraglia best actor in Malaga

The co-production of Bolivia and Uruguay “Utama” was awarded this Saturday as the best Ibero-American film at the Malaga Film Festival (Spain), which recognized its director, the Bolivian Alejandro Loayza Grisi, as best director and the Argentine as best actor. Leonardo Sbaraglia.

The best actor award went to Sbaraglia for “Ámame”, by Leonardo Brzezicki, while the best actress went jointly to Laia Costa and Susi Sánchez, for “Cinco lobitos”.

The feature film “Cinco lobitos”, directed by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, also won the Biznaga de Oro for the best Spanish film, and the jury’s special prize went to “My vacuum and I”, directed by Adrián Silvestre, according to the winners of the contest whose 2022 edition concluded this Saturday in Malaga (south).

The first feature film by the Bolivian, son of director Marcos Loayza, stars an elderly Quechua couple herding llamas and portrays a way of life in danger of extinction in the Bolivian highlands, due, among other factors, to climate change and the pressure from the city.

After having won the grand jury prize at the Sundance Festival in the United States, in Malaga it has also been recognized with the prizes for best direction, for best music, for Cergio Prudencio, and for critics.

In “Ámame”, a co-production with the participation of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Holland, Leonardo Sbaraglia plays a homosexual, in a role with strong emotional intensity for the Argentine actor, who at the Malaga Film Festival has already won two awards in 2017, the Malaga Award and the Biznaga de Plata for best actor in “The other brother”.

The jury of the official feature film section awarded its special prize to “My vacuum and I”, the second feature film by Spaniard Adrián Silvestre, and awarded a special mention to “The Gigantes”, directed by fellow Spaniard Beatriz Sanchís, a co-production from Mexico and the United States, which also won the award for best photography, for Nicolás Wong Díaz.

The Biznaga de Plata for best supporting male performance went to Chilean Nicolás Poblete for his role in “Messages private” by Matías Bize, a feature film that also won the award for best editing, for Rodrigo Saquel.

The official list of winners was completed with the award for best supporting female performance for Debora Maria da Silva, social activist and founder of the Madres de Mayo movement in Brazil, for her work in the Brazilian film “A mãe”, directed by Cristiano They mock.

In the Zonazine section, the best Ibero-American feature film went to the Mexican production “Mostro”, by José Pablo Escamilla.