V ** gra Boys do not make “music for beautiful people” punk rock sweden

Just four years ago, Swedish band V**gra Boys released their debut album Street Wormsfrom which that cryptic but contagious song called “Sports” emerged, in which a deep voice prayed some of his favorite “sports”, among which were baseballbasketball, surfing and dancing, as well as getting high in the morning and buying things online.

It could have been a one hit wonder or a backpack flare, as we say on this side of the world, but no. The authors of that song, originally from the city of Stockholm, gave an account from that record of a raw, direct and sarcastic punk music, as punk should be.

Three years later came his second assault, Welfare Jazzwhich got all kinds of praise from media such as Pitchfork, NPR, GQ either NMEwho not only praised the power of this new band, but also how much they were growing in terms of writing and production.

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After touring many countries and hitting festivals that in a way are like a vote of confidence for fast-growing artists, this year the band surprised with the announcement of a third album, one that is leading them to position themselves as the top spearhead of that increasingly rare rock that still exudes some passion.

The announcement of said album coincides with the release of the first advance, “Ain’t no thief”, in whose video clip its vocalist appears. sebastian murphy -who is the protagonist of all the videos of the band- in the role of an evangelical preacher who is emptying the pockets of his congregation.

It was followed by “Punk rock loser” another kind of instant hit in which the singer has a great start of sincerity:

“This gold chain isn’t real, it’s fake / I’m not your average guy / I sure ain’t glamorous / I’m a savage, I tried to warn you… I’m lost!”

And it was not a simple occurrence, but practically a declaration of principles, since Sebastian Murphy himself has the word tattooed. “loser” on the forehead

The full album is titled Cave World And it came out just today. It is a plate inspired by current events, so it seeks to cut through the madness and confusion that the world is in right now.

About this material, which was produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, The Knife) and DJ Haydn, the band leader himself confesses:

“We let it marinate for a while and then re-recorded absolutely everything.” In the process, Murphy found himself mulling over an idea with deeper roots. deep the ones I imagined: The idea that humanity is moving forward.

After hearing about a theory that suggests that evolution means exchanging one cognitive ability for another, he began to think about what has caused us to continue to face situations such as mass murder or science denial at this point in life.

From there came the idea of ​​questioning: Who is the true ape, the man who is capable of killing himself and declaring wars or those animals that are only capable of to love and feel?

With that kind of feeling came other songs like “Baby criminal”, “The cognitive trade-off hypothesis”, “Human error” and “Return to monke”.

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We share our pleasure in listening to a rock album that sounds full of energy, direct and contagious, to which he responds:

“I think this record has a bit of a new sound for us, I think it’s a bit different or less classic, because it’s a reaction to everything that’s going on around us… It’s all crazy.”

Simplicity is the key

But how do they keep the style of the band and sound fresh at the same time? And his answer sounds logical:

“I think the important thing for us is to stick to the roots of the band, which is basically simplicity; that is, keep things simple and if we have guitar riffs then we try not to make the songs full of that, because we don’t have to do so many crazy things, but rather try to make sure that the backbone of the song is always the rhythm, that tuc , tuc, tuc which is like a pulsating feeling, so that the lyrics can take more space and let the music do its thing… And that is something that can last five minutes… or 20, as also happens with techno, for example”.

But it hasn’t been all hunky-dory either in the frank rise that this band seems to be having. Last October, their guitarist Benjamin Vallé, one of the band’s founders, was found dead in his native Stockholm.

At that time Sebastian Murphy limited himself to writing on his Instagram profile: “Rest in peace my beloved beloved Benjamin. I will love you forever, you are a wonderful man. See you in the cosmos.”

Already during the talk, the musician did not want to add too much, although he accepts that it was a great challenge for the band to lose his partner:

“I don’t want to say much more… I mean, we know that we will always be able to continue making music in any way, but the detail is that he had a very important sound, one that no one will ever be able to imitate. He had a power in his guitar that was really incredible and it’s just up to us to find new ways to move forward… Of course he will always be missed, he’s very hard be without him.”

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Moving on to more friendly topics, we ask if they haven’t had censorship problems because of the band’s name, taking into account that we live in times where there is a resurgence of political correctness.

“Yes, a little and, I think that only with regard to emails, that if you write the name as it is, then they go straight to the trash because that is how the system does it, since supposedly there are many people who sell Viagra online. But otherwise, not so much… Or I haven’t noticed anything. On the other hand, most radio stations are quite liberal these days, and it is quite liberal people who listen to our music like they really care about that.”

Hence, many of the digital communications of the band or their record label, name them as V**gra Boys.

We ask him to highlight his favorite song from this new album, to which he replies:

“I’ll always answer differently, because I’m still not sure, but I think right now it’s “Ain’t no thief”, because it has such stupid lyrics and there’s so much energy in it, which I love. Although I could also choose “Big boy”, which I think is very funny… I like songs that are very funny and that make you move”.

And they will play in Mexico

Murphy says he can’t wait to get back on stage to present these new songs. And it is that the band has already confirmed a long tour of North America -with a stop included in Mexico City, as part of the Corona Capital festival poster to be held in November-, and then continue doing the same for much of the Old Continent .

“Mexico is the place of my dreams. I really want to go to Mexico City because I heard that there are many people there who love rock and roll”, he confesses.

Before we say goodbye, I ask him if the band feels part of that distinction that his country has as the third world power in terms of popular export music (only behind the United Kingdom and the United States).

“I don’t know, I have mixed feelings… I don’t think we really sound like what Swedish music sounds like, because music from my country is usually much safer, that is, it’s music that always has to sound very beautiful and very emotional, like music for beautiful people… And I think our music is more for degenerates… For geeks”, he concludes.

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