Valentina Pinault daughter of Salma Hayek touches when speaking Spanish

Mexico.- The daughter of Salma Hayek, Valentina Pinaultwon everyone’s hearts by appearing with her mother and speaking perfect Spanish during an interview with Vogue magazine.

Both Valentina and Salma were the most recently invited to participate in the famous section “What’s in my bag?”, in which both showed the intimacy of their bags.

Both the daughter and the wife of the French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault They were fun and also gave a test of what their mother-daughter relationship is like.

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Mother and daughter show what is in their bags. Photo: Special.

This has become the first appearance of Valentina Pinault before the media, in which she also demonstrated how well she speaks Spanish.

Inside her bag, Valentina keeps: perfumes, a vintage camera.

Valentina likes the photo. Photo: Special.

While Salma carries an iPad, which she has as a wallpaper with a painting that Valentina made; some snacks; makeup and even a jar of chili powder: “I travel a lot and in many places they don’t understand that you can’t eat without chili.” She also surprised her fans by showing off that she carries a palo santo, which helps her to remove bad vibes from the places she goes.

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