Valentina Zenere’s fans discover what she saw on her mobile

    Valentina Zenere has become the girl of the moment with her role as Isadora Artiñán in the adolescent series of Netflix Spain, ‘Elite’. The truth is that her career goes back years… she was born in Buenos Aires in January 1997 and her beginnings were marked by her role as Alai Inchausti in ‘Casi Ángeles’. However, her rise to fame took place thanks to her work in the series Disney Channel Latin America, ‘I’m Luna’.

    He arrived in Spain in 2020 and, although you don’t remember it, he worked on the last season of ‘Las chicas del cable’ until, finally, he triumphed with ‘Elite’. Currently, she is a actress, singer and model who accumulates a large community of fans on social networks and is always shown as close to all his followers.

    These days, the actress He was walking towards the entrance of an event and he met some fans who asked him for a photo. It showed itself really affectionate and took a picture with everyone. The best? At one point she picked up the phone and they could see on the screen that, while he was walking, he was watching the soccer match of Argentina of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Right after, She herself admitted that she was caught watching the game. Here’s the video of the moment!

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    Among the comments, fans have written things like “You couldn’t ask for more of an Argentina fan, beautiful Valentina”“The anxiety that Valen has for the game is what we all had at that moment 😂😂🇦🇷🇦🇷” or “Valentina we are all when the national team plays”.