Valentino, Jhonny Rivera’s horse, has already recovered and was able to return home

Valentine is another. He is bigger and fatter: he arrived weighing 149 kilos and now he is 200. He looks, above all, very relieved and with a better countenance. Valentino, the horse adopted by singer Jhonny Rivera, It was brought five months ago from Pereira to the Veterinary and Zootechnics Center of the CES University (CVZ) in Envigado to undergo complex surgery that prevented him from being euthanized.

At 9:00 in the morning of this February 1, the animal received a veterinary medical discharge. Valentino went to his house in a small truck after a team of professionals from the CVZ helped him with the recovery from surgery that corrected an angular deformity caused by a dislocation of the carpal joint, in the left forelimb.

His stay was in manger number three: that was his room for 152 days. Valentino arrived when he was ten months old and in tremendous pain.: He was run over by a truck on one of the roads in the department of Cauca.

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“Due to the accident, he had an angular deformity in his left hand that did not allow him to move properly in his natural life”, explained Felipe Gómez, coordinator of the large species area of ​​the CVZ. That is to say, when the animal moved it could not support the hoof, but instead supported the carpus of the hand, which generated pressure, pain and injuries due to the support.

Compassionate euthanasia was the first option, said the veterinarian, because patients with this type of limitation cannot carry out their daily tasks based on their quality of life, such as running, looking for food or fleeing in the event of an attack. However, after the medical evaluation it was decided that it was best to operate on him.

And it was September 8, 2022. First, Valentino underwent various diagnostic aids to make surgical decisions and have a better planning of the surgery: they did X-rays and CT scans.

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he had a family

then came the operation in which a group of ten specialists from CES University participatedamong which there were orthopedic veterinarians of large and small species, an imaging graduate (in charge of the x-ray team), a human orthopedic doctor, an anesthesiologist veterinarian, surgical instrumentators and rotators.

“The most complex thing was being able to align the deformity that I had in my hand, which was not fully achieved, but we can say that a recovery percentage of 80% was obtainedWe had talked to the owner of Valentino about a 50% recovery,” said Gómez.

After the surgery there were more challenges: Valentino could present other complications that the professionals always took into account in the work plan. For example, that he rejected the osteosynthesis material (plates and screws) that was placed on him to align the anatomical structures was one of the possibilities.

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Although everything was accepted as normal, according to the veterinarian, he did have a point of infection. “This is evident in the control X-rays, but at that moment we made the decision to establish an antibiotic and analgesic therapy to have a better evolution.”

Next to him in this evolution were the resident veterinarians of the CVZ that they had eight-hour shifts a day to keep an eye on them: they rotated to provide Valentino with care. They took care of the bandaging process, giving him the medicines, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

“I remember that he arrived very nervous, I imagine that because of what he suffered, one could hardly get close to him, but later he became playful, he played with the food coke, he really likes to bite the bow. He arrived very skinny and look, he even grew! he was younger”, said María Adelaida Ospina, one of the students.

While they were getting him ready to start the five-hour trip to Pereira, in those last minutes María Adelaida felt the sadness of goodbye. To separate from her. She did not stop rubbing his ears: ears that were standing still, attentive the whole time.

“I do not deny that you feel nostalgic because you are leaving, but there is also happiness because you will be in a better, quieter place and not here locked up. Despite everything, one gets attached because we took care of him every day, we had to interact, we learned to know his personality”.

Such were the days of Valentino in Envigado, the outgoing, happy and playful horse that will start a new life on Jhonny Rivera’s farm in the Coffee Axis. In two months, an orthopedic surgeon will visit him to review his evolution and, if necessary, remove a plate and a couple of screws that somehow allowed him to take those fine steps again. Have a good trip, Valentine!