Valentino, one of Ricky Martin’s twins, is becoming a TikTok star at age 13 | Famous

Although he is a bit reserved with his personal life, from time to time the Puerto Rican shows off his family, which is made up of her husband Jwan Yosef and her children Matteo, Valentino, Lucía and Renn.

Ricky Martin’s son conquers TikTok with his videos: this is what Valentino looks like

Most of the time, the famous Puerto Rican interpreter tries to remain hermetic regarding the private life of his children and there are few occasions when he shares photos accompanied by them on social networks.

However, Valentino, one of his twins, decided to venture into TikTok and thanks to his funny videos, his fans have been able to see how much the thirteen-year-old has changed.

Valentino, son of Ricky Martin, inherited his father’s talent

Through his recordings, ‘Tino’ (as his followers on networks affectionately call him) has shown that he inherited his father’s talent and beauty. For example, in 2021 he shared a video in which he can be seen dancing to “Billie Jean” by the legendary Michael Jackson.

The publication reached more than two thousand likes and among the comments, Internet users pointed out how much Valentino has changed and that he is just as talented as his father.

“Oh, at what point did you stop being a baby”, “You have the same flow as your dad”, “Talented like your dad”, “That’s the attitude”, “Like this suit”, “Make a video with your dad ”, “Brutal”, “Great”, “Bravo” and “Great job”, were some of the messages TikTok users left in the comment box.

Previously, in a 2021 publication, the young man showed that he is perfectly fluent in Spanish, after users on social networks asked him to upload videos in this language.

“Hey, I’m Puerto Rican, I’m Puerto Rican. I am from Puerto Rico. If I speak Spanish. (…) I love you with all my heart”, the teenager is heard saying in the recording he titled ‘remake’.

“I love your Puerto Rican accent”, “How beautiful you are by God”, “More beautiful”, “Boricua so that you know it” and “How beautiful you speak” are the comments of his fans.

With the name ‘tigamingno8’, the offspring of Ricky Martin -who has more than 21 thousand followers on TikTok- shares short videos of his day to day in which, sometimes, his puppies or his brother Matteo appear. In addition, the young man makes ‘reviews’ of his adventures during the month.

For example, in February 2022, he noted that he hurt his foot, but “he’s fine now.” Additionally, she shared some details of the renovation of his home in Puerto Rico. In the video you can see the beautiful residence: a spacious living room and a large exterior with a pool.

Tell us, did you know little Valentino and his talent for dance, music and social networks?