Valérie Damidot, her son already has gray hair … at only 28 years old: “It gives a George Clooney side” (EXCLUDED)

On television and on stage, Valerie Damidot has an incredible career. The actress, host and decorator recently added a string to her bow by becoming the face of WeightWatchers. But his greatest pride is undoubtedly his children. A spark appears in her eyes, in any case, when she starts talking about her daughter Roxane, 30, and her son Norman, 28.

Neither followed mom’s way. Roxane is an illustrator. She went to a school called Penninghem, where she learned graphic design, then she decided to specialize in comics and illustration. She collaborated, professionally speaking, with her mother, in particular on the works The terrible era of acrylic undershirts or 3615 my lifeand also launched his own brand of clothing, bag customization and sweatshirts.

They are both very independent. I’m quite proud

Norman, for his part, is no exception. “He writes a lot. He writes rap, poetry, stories, short storiesexplains Valérie Damidot to Pure people. He went to journalism school, he also went to theater school. He works on the side and he works very well, he manages on his own. And indeed, he would like to develop the actor and writer side. But he’s doing well. They are both very independent. I’m quite proud.

My dad got gray hair at 20

If there’s one thing that grabs your attention when you look at Norman, besides his rock-solid abs and good physique…it’s the color of his hair. “Of course he has gray hair my little Nonoassures his mother. But my father had gray hair at 20. Norman, when he was little, said ‘I want grandpa’s hair’. And you see, you have them! But I find it rather beautiful, rather seductive. It’s good, it’s thick hair, it’s strong hair, and it gives a little George Clooney side which is not negligible.“What else?

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