Valérie Kaprisky: what does her discreet husband, who has shared her life for 23 years, do?

At 60, Valérie Kaprisky continues to burst the screen, especially in Astrid or Raphaëlle. Her success, she shares it with her companion for more than 20 years.

To live happy, live hidden. This adage is perfectly suited to the couple formed by Valérie Kaprisky and her husband for many years. Recognized and adored actress from the start of her career, the actress has gone through particularly complicated times. In her youth, she underwent therapy that was life-saving on many levels. “Psychotherapy can save. I am the proofwrote Valérie Kaprisky in the columns of Parisian. For eight years, I learned to dissociate human value from artistic value. I now know that if you are rejected as an artist for a role, that does not mean that you are not liked. this applies to all professions. Your function is not you.”

Once at peace with herself, Valérie Kaprisky took the time to find her half. She found him at the end of the 1990s. Since then, she has made perfect love with a mysterious man whose name we do not know but who gravitates, like her, in the world of cinema. Indeed, the husband of the actress is a successful documentary music composer. In his arms she found a “stability”as the actress confided in the columns of Gala. This allows him “to stay rooted in reality and to bear the vagaries of the job such as the brutal choices of the castings”. “I have shared my existence with my music composer husband for twenty years, added Valérie Kaprisky. As long as I have him by my side, I can handle everything else being random.”

Valérie Kaprisky: this “son of” with whom she was in a relationship

“He is a deeply nice man, like me by the way”, summed up the actress, who is not talkative when it comes to indulging in her personal and marital life. In the columns of GalaValérie Kaprisky explained that she had never become a mother. “I couldn’t do it, I gave up. I’m a mother-in-law, and that’s fine with me. I get involved”, she assured our colleagues. Very discreet about her husband, Valérie Kaprisky had a much more publicized relationship years ago with a well-known “son of”. Revealed by her role in the film The Year of Jellyfish in 1984, the actress found herself, a few months later, on the front page of magazines, photographed in the arms … of Anthony Delon.

“I was thought to be a femme fatale, I was a childish woman”she will explain, later, about this episode which deeply traumatized her. In 1987, the son of Alain Delon and Valérie Kaprisky even found themselves on the cover of Paris Match. But this love story did not last long since the couple quickly separated. At 60, the actress is now fulfilled in her personal life as in her professional life since we find her in particular in Astrid and Raphaëlle. But recent years have not spared Valérie Kaprisky, who has suffered greatly from menopause. “We have to dress like an onion to anticipate heat stroke! We have mood swings, we laugh, we cry, we are more fragile”, she had detailed in the columns of Gala.

Valérie Kaprisky lives “fully her sexuality”

To our colleagues, she added that it was important for her at that time to live “fully his sexuality” with his companion: “I have always fought against received ideas. And the menopause carries a lot of them. On the contrary, it’s time to rediscover your youthful dreams, to make them come true. To free yourself from the gaze of others, to fully experience your sexuality. It’s now or never”. To best live this dreaded moment for most women, Valérie Kaprisky has forced herself to follow a very strict lifestyle. “I practice a sports activity four times a week (…) I do barbell on the ground, Pilates, abs and gluteal exercisesshe described. Low gluten, no dairy products made from cow’s milk. Little sugar (…) I reproduce the way my Polish grandparents lived in the countryside.”