Valérie Pécresse gutted after her debacle in the presidential elections: her children offer her a luxurious gift to recover

Valérie Pécresse obtained the worst score of her political family in the presidential elections in France. A slap, and a money pit. Indeed, in France, candidates who have not passed the 5% mark of the votes must reimburse their campaign expenses. With a score of 4.75%, candidate LR found herself “personally indebted to the tune of 5 million euros”, she said the day after the first round of the election. Valérie Pécresse, the richest candidate with 10 million euros declared to the High Authority for the transparency of public life – launched an emergency appeal for donations, which also earned her a lot of mockery. The world reveals behind the scenes of this debacle of unexpected magnitude.

After having gathered her relatives for the organization of the collection of donations, the unfortunate candidate announced that she was leaving to recharge her batteries: “Her husband and children have offered her a stay in a luxurious fitness center. Outside of treatment hours, she rarely leaves her room, from where she calls her collaborators to follow the progress of the ‘Pécressethon’ She makes a brief appearance by video at the start of a meeting of the LR group of the regional council, to thank the elected officials for having released 50,000 euros to help finance the campaign.

Valérie Pécresse collected 2.5 million euros, to which must be added a million from the party. And those close to her believe that she will not have to sell her house in La Baule, as some treacherously hoped.

If the president of the Ile-de-France region accepts donations, she does not ask for charity. Thus, according to the French daily, she refused the transfer of 2000 euros from Nicolas Sarkozy. The former president against whom she holds a certain resentment: he never gave her his support, preferring Emmanuel Macron.