Valery Revello, ex of Sergio Peña, is caught kissing former reality boy Diego Rodríguez | Lorena Celis ampay entertainment RMMN | PEOPLE

A new chapter was opened in the story of Valery Revello and her still husband, Sergio Pena. The young woman was caught kissing the former member of “Esto es Guerra” Diego Rodríguez, who is the ex-boyfriend of Lorena Celis. Let us remember that the latter has recently been linked to the footballer.

The program “Amor y Fuego” presented a preview of the images that they will show this Monday, where Revello is seen kissing passionately with the former reality boy in a nightclub.

Uncover! While Sergio Pena flirted with the dangerous Lorena Celis, his ex-partner Diego Rodríguez veneers and wakes up with the player’s wife”, says the voiceover.

This is not the first time that Valery is the protagonist of an ‘ampay’. In February of this year, she was captured together with the surfer Sebastián Bernos Parodi in affectionate situations and entering a hotel.

This new ‘ampay’ to Valery Revello occurs shortly after Lorraine Celis will openly show his interest in the member of the Peruvian National Team.

I think he’s a super cool guy, I’ve known him for a long time, he’s attractive. The truth is, I’m not going to tell you that you’re not going to see me with him, we could go out and eat something, I’m not ruling anything out.”commented to the cameras of love and fire.

Celis confirmed the end of his romantic relationship with diego rodriguezafter the former reality boy was captured with Vanessa Cayo, ex-partner of soccer player Adrián Zela.


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