‘Valkyria’ attacked ‘Tarzan’ again for being drunk with Otoniel

Andrea Carolina Olaya Gutiérrez, as her real name is, strengthened her annoyance with Andrés Alfonso Miranda, a coastal contestant known as ‘Tarzán’ and who had a bottle of tequila and some beers with the also putumayense participant Otoniel Tonguino.

“It seemed irresponsible to me, it seemed to me lacking everything, and more than saying it on camera”, The woman complained about the attitude of the Cesarean, who confronted her by raising her voice when he was drunk.

But the complaints of the famous ‘Valkyria’ did not stop there, since he threw his darts again when the presenter Andrea Serna asked him about what happened in front of the entire cast of the program.

“Personally, I didn’t share it. But we are adults and we know how we are going to perform in the tests. If it is to perform the same, cool that way of lowering the tension. I would not do it. But you have to give up. That’s the important thing, that we all think about perform for the good of the team.” commented.

Then, the Huila fighter again reiterated her concept, but speaking hard so that her entire team would hear her.

“I think the boys realized my opinion… It seemed irresponsible to me because this is not an individual competition”, finished.

Later, a collective challenge in which ‘Valkyrie’ did not act because they let her rest, ‘Tarzán’, Otoniel and the rest of the representatives of ‘alpha’ were not up to the task, they lost and as punishment they received a harsh penance: handcuffing each other in a human chain for 24 hours.

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‘Valkyria’ attacked ‘Tarzan’ again for getting drunk in the ‘Challenge’

On video, this was the dispatch (minutes 0:5 and 8:53):