Van Gogh’s Ear embraces Mexico – El Sol de México

Upon their arrival in Mexico, almost a month ago, the members of La Oreja de Van Gogh expressed in a chat with this newspaper that their history cannot be explained without Mexico. The new chapter arrived tonight, when he presented, at the National Auditorium, the penultimate concert of his “A whisper in the storm” tour, which has already visited the province, and ends tomorrow in Guadalajara.

“In 2017 was the last time we stepped on this stage. And neither COVID nor anything prevented us from visiting it again, and with a full house,” said the vocalist, Leire Martínez, moved to see the 10,000 mouths of the venue sing the songs “Like a couple of sunflowers”, “Summer” and “The last waltz”.

Located in the present, they performed “During a look”, a song from their new album, and then traveled to the past with “Muñeca de rag”. Before turning to “Sirenas”, Leire was honest about the tragedy that inspired the lyrics, giving a touch of solemnity to the environment.

“We did it as an act of responsibility, you will ask why. Most of us know that we are Spanish, from the Basque country, and for many years there was a terrorist group called ETA and for many years they killed many people. To learn from those mistakes committed, we felt the responsibility with our children, to make them free and that it would never happen again”, narrated the singer.

The show continued with “Rosas”, “Do you see it?”, “December” and “I wish for impossible things” and “The beach”. In awe of Mexican culture, she took a moment to recall the tradition of the Day of the Dead, when she sang “Double and Understand.”

“Hopefully one day we will learn to venerate death as well as life, as they do in Mexico, celebrate how wonderful they were, because part of what was wonderful was left here, and it is us. Someone does not leave completely if those who remain They keep remembering it.”

Even with the excitement of the concert, Leire did not miss a detail of what was happening in the audience, and before continuing she congratulated a couple, “around row twelve”, according to her calculations, who had just gotten engaged minutes ago.

Everyone applauded the happy couple, and the show continued with songs like “The beach”, “You can count on me”, and “The girl who cries at your parties”. The time to say goodbye was approaching, but they were not allowed to leave.

They came back to sing three more songs, and even pampered those present with “Abrázame”. “It’s been a wonderful night, we love you and we’ll be back,” said the vocalist in another attempt to leave the stage.

But the people wanted more, and they were asked to come back. “How unconvincing we are, did anyone really believe that we were going to leave? I don’t know why we groups do this,” she said moved.

The third time was the charm, after “January 20”, “Cometas por el cielo”, and a call for inclusion and acceptance of the LGBT community, they said goodbye. Not without first raising a sign that read “Mexico, I love you, I adore you and I love you again.”