Vanessa Bohórquez’s panties almost burst in a fascinated video

If anyone has proven they have what it takes to cause a stir with their fearless anatomy and impact moves, it’s it. Vanessa Bohorquezthe Venezuelan model who has made her fans goosebumps again with a video in which the thong is recorded and almost bursts, he moves them like a rattle to pure sentones.

The Venezuelan influencer and model, Vanessa Bohórquez, has surprised thanks to the content she makes but not only on social networks but also on her OnlyFans account, a platform that has led her to be very successful and this is how you can lead the life you always have. wanted between luxuries and eccentricities without depending on anyone, for which he wanted to thank his fans for their support with a video that accelerated the heartbeat of many.

Through her official Instagram account, the influencer, Vanessa Bohórquez, shared with her fervent admirers an irreverent video in which she flaunts her charm and more, because with a little dress that doesn’t cover much since it’s made of dark fabric and without a bra, The thong almost bursts, she moves them like a rattle at pure sentons.

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So for the great show that she gave on her social networks, Vanessa stood in front of her Christmas tree in the living room of her apartment and in a daring pose on the back is that he destroyed his impact movementsleaving netizens stunned with that little dance like rattle which received more than 95,000 reactions.

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