Vanessa Claudio and Curvy Zelma could join Venga la Alegría Weekends

Just over three months after TV Azteca’s morning show Venga la Alegría premiered its weekend version, the program will suffer from the absence of two of its most beloved hosts: Aristeo Cázares and Mati Álvarez, who will join the new season of Exatlón All Stars.

According to the Twitter account specializing in the world of entertainment “La Comadrita”, the program would already be looking for substitutes, and although the company has not yet announced what will happen, it has already begun on social networks. to talk about the celebrities who would join the morning.

According to reports, they could be Vanessa Claudio, who recently returned to TV Azteca; Curvy Zelma, who was the winner of the reality show Quiero Canta; or Kristal Silva, who has become one of the favorites of the broadcast from Monday to Friday.

On the other hand, the followers of the program request the entry of other former Exatlón competitors such as Ana Lago and Pascal Nadaud, who have already participated as hosts in other spaces.