Vanessa Guzmán hospitalized after car accident in El Paso

Recently, Vanessa Guzman announced that she suffered a serious road accident that made her go straight to the hospital, which immediately alarmed his fans, who soon left him hundreds of messages of support on his social networks.

This Friday, July 1, the famous Mexican actress revealed to her fans that she was in the Providencia hospital in El Paso, Texas, after a woman crashed her car from behind when he was on his way to an appointment at the gym he usually frequents.

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“And well, sometimes things happen that you don’t expect, but trusting that the angels that accompany me from above are always taking care of me, I want to tell you that on Tuesday I had a little accident a driver hit me ”, wrote the popular bodybuilder in the publication that he posted on his digital platforms.

Through her personal account on the Instagram social network, the protagonist of “Single with daughters” shared a photograph where she can be seen smiling while lying on a hospital bed, in addition to uploading a video in which she explained how the events occurred.

“Thank God it was not serious, I went to the hospital and there is no damage to my health or my preparation. Here in the video I explain in more detail, thank you very much for your messages who already knew, I thank you infinitely, “he added in the description of his publication.

According to Vanessa Guzmán’s statements, she was driving to the gym where she trains when a young woman came up behind her and crashed her car, and due to the strong impact between the vehicles, she confessed that he had hurt his neckthat is why he decided to go immediately to the hospital located in El Paso, Texas.

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“I was on my way to my gym for an appointment, to start preparing a girl, and well, I had a car accident, they hit me from behind. I hurt my neck”, Said the famous television celebrity and added: “I was alone, that is the most important thing, that my son is fine, at home”.

Although he clarified that it is nothing serious at the moment, he is worried that he will not be able to continue preparing for the next competitions that are at the door: “At this point what worries me most is my preparation for my competitionto be able to complete my training sessions with my students, to be able to continue with my preparation”.

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