Vanessa Guzmán introduces her boyfriend and congratulates him on his birthday

Vanessa Guzmán introduces her boyfriend and congratulates him on his birthday. The actress and bodybuilder surprised this day by presenting her new partner through social networks. With this, she makes it clear to her fans that her relationship is going better than ever.

The actress did not hesitate to share on her personal Instagram account that she is simply happy. Accompanied by three images next to her boyfriend, the bodybuilder made their romance official. So far it is known that his name is Carlos and he also likes training.

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In the post, the interpreter dedicated a beautiful message: “Congratulations to the person who has brought me love, happiness, and company… thank you for making me so happy and sharing all my craziness, without your support, understanding and respect nothing would be possible… I love you and I wish you many more birthdays together. May it rain happiness on you this day and always .. love you”.

Apparently the actress is living happy moments in her life, since she is also enjoying her new facet as a grandmother. And it is that lately the soap opera star decided to put aside the privacy of her life and enjoys sharing her achievements.

Immediately her new partner also responded with a short but loving comment: “What beautiful words. Thanks to you for everything. Love you”. This publication triggered a series of comments from fans of the actress, whom they congratulated.

In addition, the couple was sent the best wishes for their relationship to continue to prosper. Although we do not know more about the groom, he has also shared photos next to Vane since Valentine’s Day, but now the actress took advantage of Carlos’s birthday to make their relationship public.

Let us also remember that On April 19, the young man also dedicated a beautiful message to him to the former beauty queen for her birthday, at the time, she wrote, “Happy birthday to this amazing woman. Thanks for all that you do. Love you”.

The actress of Dare to dream continues to cause a stir on social networks not only because of her love relationship, but also because He shares with us details of his successful radical transformation by becoming a bodybuilder.

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