Vanessa Guzmán surprises everyone by revealing the cause of “her bad relationship with other actors”

The 45-year-old actress claimed that she was always harshly judged for something that she didn’t even know how to handle, so she decided to break the silence so that people know the truth.

Problematic, with a bad attitude and even conflictive. These are some of the unfortunate characteristics that have been attributed to the actress Vanessa Guzmán; something for which supposedly many actors did not want to work with her.

Tired of the speculation, the 45-year-old Mexican decided to break the silence and clarify once and for all that during all this time she was harshly judged without knowing her version of events.

According to the protagonist of “Single with children”, many misunderstood a health condition that she was suffering from at the time and that affected her behavior.

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“My anxiety problem, which I developed in a project, caused me to withdraw completely on a social level. I didn’t know, I wasn’t diagnosed, I didn’t know how to work on it. I was criticized, I was judged a lot and the only thing I lived was an internal paranoia, “Vanessa explained during an interview on the program El gordo y la flaca (Univisión).

The actress and now a bodybuilder added that “In recordings, in big scenes, call them weddings, parties, where many extras participate, where the entire cast was. Suddenly feeling all that obviously unleashed that anxiety, that tremor of not knowing why that shortness of breath.

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In such a way that Guzmán was a victim of his own mental health. “By not knowing how to control it, because for all of this there is a process, regardless of the medications, there is a retraction. The first thing you do is almost run away, hide in your dressing room, not go out or live together and not socialize because sometimes it was locking yourself up to start crying without knowing why you’re crying. And suddenly it was: ‘oh, she’s already crying again’, and they start judging and criticizing”.

Regardless of all the criticism, Vanessa claims to have managed to overcome that episode in her life and one of the things that helped her a lot was exercise. She, however, assured that at first it was difficult for her to go to the gym, “I trembled inside her. She tried to be calm, smile and so on, but with an agitation, “said the Mexican who is now at her best.