Vanessa Hudgens, the queen of Coachella with her boho chic style

American actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens has been synonymous with Coachella festival fashion for several years now, setting trends on every occasion with its on-point bojo Chic Style, daring, youthful and, like a good bohemian, eclectic and that transmits freedom.

This year, the protagonist of High School Musical, Spring Breakers Y The Princess Switch She has worn a series of spectacular outfits that show off her statuesque figure, first with a risky look of black cut-out swimsuit and metallic mesh dress.

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Then, betting like several other celebrities on the monochrome in neon tones, setting the trend with a couple of very on-trend outfits this spring. First in pinkwith baggy pants of translucent fabric, a knitted topnecklaces and bracelets and a blouse that matches the pants, also translucent and with opening cuts.

This year, the beautiful actress chose to wear her curly hairsunglasses, ornate makeup with brilliant details in the eyes and a fisherman-style hat, in addition to two color nailsroses in one hand and greens in the other.

The other monochromatic outfit we saw during her time at the Coachella music festival this year was in yellow tonea color that is also being seen a lot this season of spring Summer.

He is wearing a swimsuit and a airy dress in translucent fabric, with opening up to the thigh, pronounced neckline, wide sleeves and belt adjusted at the waist. Her makeup here is less ornate but emphasizes yellow eyeshadow and pink lips.

Necklaces, long earrings and sunglasses repeat, in addition to her curly, long and voluptuous hair, and a Beach hat, very much in tune with its bohemian style but also very chic and marking what will be in fashion this season.

With looks that feel fresh and current, the model and designer of 33 years makes it clear once again that if being at the Vanguard it comes down to, especially with the ‘party’ outfits, she is the absolute queen.

Her admirers agree and write to her applauding how beautiful she looks and how radiant she looks in this series of posts that she shared on her Instagram account. Instagramwhere he boasts, with good reason, of his visit to Coachella.