Vanessa López on ‘Tomate’ Barraza: “She focused so much on the eldest daughter that she left my daughter aside” (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs | SHOWS

He insists on his complaint. Vanessa López, mother of the daughter of ‘Tomate’ Barraza, reiterated that the singer does not comply with the visitation regimen that they agreed on in relation to the minor.

According to the Magaly TV La Firme program, the model assures that the singer would not agree with the visiting regimen that he requested.

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“Neither he nor his mother tell me anything, I’m tired, when I asked him for permission (to take my daughter) and he refused to travel, he does not give me permission and he does not come to pick her up, I do not know what he wants, “he said. .

As it is recalled, days before López had denounced the same situation alleging that Barraza “neglects” their daughter. As she explained at the time, the salsero would be more “aware” of her eldest daughter and of the criticism she received when she competed in the “Miss Peru La Pre” beauty pageant.

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“I feel that he focused so much on the eldest daughter, on the problems he had with her, I don’t know, that he left my daughter aside,” he assured.

At another time, the ex-partner of the interpreter also indicated that Barraza excuses himself, for “breaking the visitation regime”, saying that “he has a lot of work and that he spends a lot on gasoline taking and bringing his little girl.”