Vanessa Mai shares a photo – fans express wild guesses

With the band “Wolkenfrei” Vanessa Mai became an absolute star. The hit “Cloud Seven” made the now 30-year-old famous overnight in 2015. But just one year after the mega chart success, “Wolkenfrei” was over. Since then, Vanessa Mai has been traveling solo. But only recently did the singer announce the comeback of “Wolkenfrei”. Now she shared a suspicious photo. Fans have only one guess.

She does it again! At the end of last year, Vanessa Mai announced that she would be releasing an album for the last time under the name “Wolkenfrei”. Exactly ten years ago her path with the band began and on the occasion of this anniversary the singer wants to bring new music to the market.

Vanessa Mai: Is she currently making music videos for “Wolkenfrei”?

And is she already busy shooting music videos? At least that’s what the fans suspect under their current Instagram snapshots. There, Vanessa Mai can be seen in different settings that are very similar to a music video set.

In the comments, their followers speculate wildly. “Video shoot for ‘Wolkenfrei’?” asks a fan and also provides the comment with heart-eyed smileys. “What’s going on there? Is that the first song title from the ‘Wolkenfrei’ album?” and “That looks a lot like ‘Wolkenfrei’”, the comment column continues.

Vanessa Mai has not yet resolved the speculation. Her announced “Wolkenfrei” comeback came as a surprise to many. Finally, the influencer (1 million followers on Instagram) settled with show business in the ARD documentary “Mai Time is Now”. For many, an indication that the “I’m dying for you” interpreter is finally turning her back on the hit scene.

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It will be interesting to see when the first “Wolkenfrei” single will actually be released – at least the fans seem to be longing for it.