Vanessa Mai shares cryptic message: end of her solo career?

Vanessa Mai shares cryptic message – does THAT mean the end of her solo career?

06/23/2022 at 10:00 a.m

Vanessa Mai: From the band singer to the solo star

Vanessa Mai: From the band singer to the solo star

The singer Vanessa Mai is a celebrated hit star. She became known as the singer of the band “Cloudless”. Today she performs as a solo artist. We show you her way from band singer to solo star.

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A cryptic message from Vanessa Mai creates a lot of confusion on the web. The singer is really fooling her fans.

Shares amid private snaps Vanessa Mai suddenly out of nowhere a message in her Instagram story, which should make fans of the first hour immediately prick up their ears.

Vanessa Mai refers to the brand new “Wolkenfrei” account on Instagram

Vanessa Mai is just proudly presenting her Hailey Bieber-inspired vanilla smoothie when suddenly the link to another Instagram channel appears. It is called “Wolkenfrei.Official”. Loyal fans of the musician will immediately know what this account is alluding to.

Before Vanessa Mai started out as a solo artist, she made a name for herself as the frontwoman of the pop band “Wolkenfrei”. At the age of 21, she landed in the charts with the hit “Jeans, T-Shirt and Freedom”. Even before the first “Wolkenfrei” album was released, the band was awarded the smago! Award as “Hit-Tip 2014”.

Since 2016, however, Vanessa Mai has been performing without her bandmates – and quite successfully. But why is she now sharing the band’s account in her own Instagram story? And without any comment. The singer seems to want to make it exciting.


This is Vanessa Mai:

  • Her real name is Vanessa Marija Else Ferber
  • She first became known as the frontwoman of the hit band “Wolkenfrei” – since 2016 she has been performing as a solo artist
  • Vanessa married her longtime friend and manager Andreas Ferber on June 12, 2017 in Mallorca
  • In spring 2016 she was also on the jury for the 13th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.


First audio sample released! Is Vanessa Mai making her “Cloud Free” comeback?

If you follow the link to the “Wolkenfrei” account, you will first see nothing. The profile is private. This means that followers must first make a request before they can see the posts. Vanessa Mai is one of them.

As “Schlagerplanet Radio” reports, the channel already contains a first audio sample for a new “Wolkenfrei” song. Will Vanessa Mai be heard on it? Not clear. However, fans of the 30-year-old should be sure that she did not share the account in her story without an ulterior motive.


More about Vanessa Mai:


It remains to be seen whether a “Wolkenfrei” comeback will also mean the end of her solo career. However, after her mega success as Vanessa Mai, this seems extremely unlikely.