Vanessa Paradis: the singer traumatized by her very first success!

By Tristan Mieger

– Published on 07 Dec 2022 at 16:30

Like all child stars, the beginnings in the world of celebrity were very complicated to live for Vanessa Paradis

A few days ago, M6 broadcast Anacoeur. A romantic comedy in which Vanessa Paradis gives the reply to Romain Duris. The opportunity for us to remember the beginning of the career of the singer and actress. At only 14 years old, he had to carry the weight of an invading notoriety. And above all, the jealousy of people. Explanations.

Difficult beginnings for Vanessa Paradis

For many years, Vanessa Paradis has been at the top of the bill. And the least we can say is that everything went very quickly for her. As a reminder, the young woman had made a remarkable passage in the show fan school, only 8 years old. It is finally 6 years later, that she knows an unprecedented success thanks to her title Joe the cab. And at 14, we are not at all prepared for rhinestones and sequins: “My first song was a big hit. She was everywhere, so much so that it became an annoyance to people“.

Vanessa Paradis

Whether Vanessa Paradis was a huge success, jealousy was also very present. Indeed, it has even become a source of problem:Hateful slogans were painted outside my house. Seeing me, people spat in the street. The situation had deteriorated so much that I was going out with a bag over my head. It was not a pleasant time“. Fortunately, she was able to count on her parents to get through these difficult times. We understand better why the young woman is very discreet in the media.