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Interview. The Peruvian actress and screenwriter was passing through Lima. She spoke of her plans and regretted the departure of director Felipe Degregori and actor Diego Bertie, with whom she worked.

Although she has lived in Argentina for years, actress Vanessa Robbiano continues to work now from her role as screenwriter and writer. “I am planning to write a new book (the first one was called Vuélvete a querer, about bulimia and anorexia). And I want to act again, but little by little, ”she tells us during her visit to Lima.

“I am also writing short stories in Argentina for Segundo Cernadas (actor). It is a series called ‘Signs’. We work on addictions, problems that exist in Tigre, which is the town where Segundo lives and where he serves as president of the deliberative council. I make content for their networks from the side of fictional stories because people are tired of the politician who always says ‘enough with drugs’ or ‘stop the pregnant teenager’. Small fictions are easier to share and raise awareness. So, I do that, and when I lack actresses I also act”, he says between laughs.

Remembered for her participation in ’90s series like ‘The Avenging Angel’, ‘The Negotiator’, and in movies like Don’t tell anyone, Vanessa mourned the recent death of film director Felipe Degregori, with whom she worked on the movie Ciudad de M. “Felipe was a very sensitive man. As a director he was very open to listen, he did not impose himself. He was firm with what he wanted, but he was always looking for a way to tell you in a warm way, ”she recalls.

Regarding the filming of that film (1999) and Silvana, her character, she recalls: “It was an emblematic, wonderful film. There was Pelo Madueño, Christian Meier, Ricardo Velásquez. It was a nice group and we shot in Magdalena. My character was a bit like me at the time, in the sense of being on edge. Silvana was a lower-middle-class girl, who partyed, made moths with her friends and left in decline, just as it happened at that time when we had no hope for the future because many people were very bad in Peru for all the reasons. things that happened.”

In the same way, he remembered the actor Diego Bertie, with whom he shared theatrical performances and filming both in cinema and on television. “His departure from him was very hard for me, it affected me a lot. I worked with Diego from the beginning of my career. He was a very dear person. Passionate about acting, about life. I remember the conversations we had, his desire to sing. He was a fighter. But sometimes people who are dreamers like him have many internal struggles, ”reflects the actress, who in parallel to her activities continues to lead Espacio Inguz, a platform created by her that provides psychological and therapeutic support to the people who love it. they need.