Vanessa Tello married her partner civilly: “It was a wonderful day” (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-peru-ceremony | SHOWS

The former model Vanessa Tello She married her now-husband as a civilian on Thursday, January 19, in the Municipality of Surco.

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Through her Instagram account, the former reality girl shared images and videos of the intimate ceremony held with her family and close friends.

MAIL |  Vanessa Tello
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Likewise, the nutritionist also published a post with a romantic message thanking her loved ones for having accompanied her on her special day.

“Yesterday was a wonderful day to be thankful for my life, my family and every step that life allows me to take. How nice it is to feel so much affection, love and such good energy from all the people around us. I want you to know that I am receiving all this shower of blessings with open arms. Thank you God and always bless our family union, ”he wrote.

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“My daughter is 10 months old, she is a happy facet and I am doing well. One more baby? Right now I still don’t want to. I want to enjoy my little girl. She changed my life, but not bad or radical at all,” said Vanessa Tello.

Likewise, the model maintained that being a nutritionist has brought her much satisfaction. “I have my office and many reality guys have come to see me. I cannot say who, but I invite those who have not gone to visit me, ”she revealed after launching the NatuChips brand of nuts and seeds.

She also said that she is surprised that people still remember her as the “Umbrella Girl” for the commercial she starred in for a well-known telephone company.