Vania Bludau sinks Mario Irivarren and reveals more violent episodes: “He has hanged me more than once” | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

After the revealing audios shown by Evelin Jiménez Rojas, partner of mario irivarrenin which Vaina Bludau is shown as a violent person, the Peruvian model came forward to defend herself.

In conversation with the journalistic director of Magaly Medina, the former member of “Combate” not only questioned the businesswoman’s statements, but also revealed more episodes of violence by the former reality boy.

“He has hanged me more than once. The last ones were in front of friends and that was the height of shame”, reads one of the conversations that Vania had with her ex’s friend, the same ones that were broadcast by the show program.

In this dialogue, the influencer also revealed to Irivarren’s partner that she had even paid the psychiatrist to her ex-partner in order to save their relationship, but ended up with him definitively by continuing to notice violent attitudes.

I had already normalized him, that’s the problem, because he always told me that he comes from traumas and fights from his past relationship, but I think that nobody deserves that and for that reason I don’t want to be with him anymore. Believe me that even the psychiatrist paid him because I love him, but he continued the same and I can no longer stand those things “is read in the chat.

What did Mario Irivarren’s partner say?

Evelin Jiménez gave an interview for Amor y Fuego, to reveal more details of what would have happened the night that Mario Irivarren would have physically assaulted Vania Bludau in a nightclub in the South.

The businesswoman released the audio of a third person who claims to have witnessed the discussion, a testimony very different from what the former member of “Combate” said, who assured that Mario had hanged her in front of her friends.

I think that Ivana’s friends (Yturbe) were also there and he started talking to one of them, and the same chant. It seems to me that she goes down to listen to Daniela Darcourt and in one of the discussions she has, she bites his neck ”the witness is heard to say that she has preferred not to reveal her name.


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