Vardy bursts into tears in court

The player’s wife as a hobby detective

Because Rooney used criminal flair to convict her former friend, the media dubbed her “Wagatha Christie” – a pun on the abbreviation “wags” (the English term for gamer’s wives) and the name of crime writer Agatha Christie.

Coleen Rooney: Under British law, she now has to prove her allegations in court.
Coleen Rooney: Under British law, she now has to prove her allegations in court. (Source: Tayfun Salci / imago images)

According to British law, the 36-year-old must now prove her allegations in court. Her attorney, David Sherbone, said in a written filing that the case will focus on whether Vardy knew her agent was leaking stories and condoned it — or whether she was unaware.

Rebekah Vardy cries in court

Rebekah Vardy was called to the witness stand on Wednesday. Sherbone held several text messages in which she allegedly instructed her agent to pass on intimate information about celebrities. The 40-year-old admitted a case. All other statements, on the other hand, were meant to be funny, and her agent understood it that way too.

She never received money for piercings, nor was she aware that her agent was following her celebrity friends’ accounts through her Instagram account. She is also not friends with journalists, Vardy said. At the same time, she admitted to meeting a reporter for the tabloid “Sun”.

When Rooney’s lawyer addressed the impact of the allegations and the online trolls sending hate comments to Vardy after Rooney’s posts, she broke down in tears. She didn’t want to take a break. “I don’t think it would make a difference, to be honest,” she said, reaching for the tissues. The hearing is scheduled to continue this Thursday. The trial is scheduled for next Wednesday.