Vardy vs. Rooney: Players’ wives clash in court

Bad allegations between celebrities, treason and football: The dispute between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney offers almost everything that causes a stir in Great Britain.

Now the former friends face each other in court. Former international striker Jamie Vardy’s wife had no choice but to “prove her innocence and restore her reputation,” her lawyer Hugh Tomlinson told London’s Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday.

Vardy (40) defended the defamation lawsuit against her former friend Rooney (36) at the start of the trial. The allegation that Rebekah Vardy gave the tabloid “Sun” false private information about the wife of ex-national player Wayne Rooney is false. Coleen Rooney has no evidence to support her claims, Tomlinson said.

insults on the internet

Lawyer Tomlinson now said his client had tried unsuccessfully to settle the case out of court several times. But Rooney neither deleted nor retracted her allegation. That’s why both Rebekah and Jamie Vardy have been victims of horrible insults on the internet and in the stadium.

Rooney was joined in court by her famous husband on Tuesday. Several trial days were initially scheduled for the process. The case is said to have cost both women hundreds of thousands of pounds each. Jamie Vardy (35) plays for the English first division club Leicester City, Wayne Rooney (36) is now coach of the relegated second division club Derby County.

Coleen Rooney as “Wagatha Christie”

Not only those involved cause a stir, but above all the circumstances. From her point of view, Rooney solved the case with an almost criminal flair. Her actions brought the 36-year-old a new nickname: the media named what is probably the most famous representative of “wags” – as gamers’ wives are called in England after the abbreviation “wives and girlfriends” – “Wagatha Christie”, after the famous crime writer Agatha Christie.

The bombshell broke on October 9, 2019. In a social media post, Rooney described how she had long had the feeling that someone in her circle of friends was sharing private stories with the “Sun”. It is important to know that the mother of four – like many more or less prominent people do – also has a private account on social networks like Instagram, where she decides who can see her posts. Rooney suspects that the mole also came from this circle.

That’s how she found out about Rebekah Vardy

To check, she blocked all of her private subscribers except one. Then she shared fictional stories in her Instagram stories – all of which were picked up by the “Sun”. So she knew with certainty who was behind it, wrote Rooney, only to use dramatic punctuation to set the punch line: “It was ………. Rebekah Vardy’s account.”

The accused, who was pregnant at the time, countered – of course – also via social media. She was very disappointed in Rooney. “I really liked you Coleen and I’m very sad that you decided to do this, especially when I’m heavily pregnant,” Vardy, now 40, promptly wrote. “I’m disgusted that I have to deny it at all.” In keeping with Instagram, she ended her post with a broken heart emoji – and filed a lawsuit.

Rooney has to prove allegations in court

The ball is now on Coleen Rooney’s side. Because the English defamation law provides that the defendant must prove their allegations.

So far, prominent husbands have largely stayed out of the game. The star strikers have actually been a constant source of scandals of all kinds.

Otherwise the husbands cause scandals

For example, Jamie Vardy (35), who experienced a meteoric rise from the lower leagues to the sensational championship with Leicester City and to the national team within a few years, once played as an amateur footballer with electronic ankle bracelets – because of physical injury.

Wayne Rooney (36) is even considered the “enfant terrible” of English football in recent history. Again and again, the national team’s record goalscorer attracted attention with alcohol excesses and extramarital affairs. He also appeared regularly in the “Yellow Press” as coach of the now relegated second division side Derby County.

Coleen Rooney, with whom he has been dating since school, always played a supporting role as a betrayed wife who ultimately remained loyal to her famous husband. This time, however, the floodlights of the public shine on themselves.