Varela (You will also fall) lost weight and uses his real name

‘Also Caeras’ was one of the successful weekend programs in Colombia, although production stopped more than a decade ago. Despite this, at dawn they still repeat some of the chapters that were recorded many years ago and characters who are much more famous today than at that time appear.

‘Varela’ is one of those men that many Colombians rememberIn addition, he is now the protagonist of a commercial. His time in ‘Also Caeras’ was well remembered because he played different characters.

‘Superlight’ is one of those that people don’t forget, Well, he was a supposed superhero who took junk food from the mouths of Bogota citizens and asked them to eat better, although some chased him through the streets.

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‘Varela’: his real name after leaving ‘You will also fall’

For more than four years he began to use his social networks to share political messages. On his social networks he has shared images in which he criticizes Gustavo Petro.

In fact, he himself wanted to venture into politics. Four years ago he was a candidate for the Senate for the Citizen’s Choice party, but he did not obtain the necessary votes to keep a place in the Congress of the Republic. In the recent elections he supported ‘Manguito’, another senator who burned himself.

To make his public appearances and his opinions, this man from Colombian television, ‘Varela’ decided to use his real name: Nelson Neira.

Getting into politics is not the only thing he has done. From his time on television he had some fame left that he now uses to be able to make commercials in which he must remember who he is, because when he says his name is Nelson Neira, he does not have much recollection.

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What ‘Varela’ currently looks like, the one from ‘You will also fall’

In recent years, he has advertised with his image, since the physical change he has had is evident. As he said he, during the last few years he lost 42 kilos, reaching a much healthier weight.

When he appeared on the screen of Caracol Television, Neira used to weigh 127 kilos, but now she says she weighs 85 kilosa reduction that is noticeable in the face and in the body.

In his social networks there are images in which he is with some members of the Democratic Center party and he looks very thin. These are some of his posts.