Verena Kerth after the jungle exit: “The shock of the move was a bit much at once”

Verena Kerth after jungle off
“Shock of moving out was a bit much at once”

Verena Kerth leaves the jungle camp. She is not disappointed, as she says in the interview, just “a little bit shocked”. Her friend Marc Terenzi is now facing a lot, after all Kerth spoke openly in the jungle about her wedding wish. After all: He hasn’t run away yet, according to Kerth.

How are you feeling after moving out?

Verena Kerth: I’m fine. I’m sitting in a Versace bathrobe in a hotel suite with a chocolate muffin and a coffee in my hand. Can it go bad there? The answer is: no. (laughs)

Are you badly disappointed that you have to be the first to leave the jungle camp?

I don’t know if disappointed is the right word. I was a bit shocked and didn’t expect it to hit me. But I’m not sad now. It was an awesome experience and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

In your opinion, why wasn’t it enough for a longer stay?

I can’t understand it exactly, so far I haven’t seen what was actually broadcast. But I don’t think anything bad happened. The jungle is simply unpredictable.

What was the worst thing for you in the past week?

It’s blatant, but I didn’t really suffer. You are in a world of your own, in a parallel universe. I didn’t think about anything for the first three days and somehow tried to cope. It was dark, dreary, bad weather, oppressive mood. I wasn’t interested in what Marc was doing or whether P1 was open in Munich. I was completely in the tunnel.

Did you imagine the camp differently?

Of course, I talked a lot about it with Marc in advance and also with many friends who were already in the jungle. But: When you arrive at the camp, it’s completely different than you think. Nobody can explain this feeling to you.

At the camp, you spoke openly about your wedding plans with Marc Terenzi. What exactly is planned now?

You have a lot of time in the jungle and then you come up with fantastically beautiful thoughts. I chatted with dads first about Paris in general and then about engagements and weddings. I could imagine him as the perfect stylist for me. And so we just painted it together…

How did Marc react to that? At least they aren’t engaged yet…

That was the running gag in the camp before I left, wondering whether Marc had flown back to Munich out of fear. But he’s still here… (laughs) We’ll see what the future brings.

Does he actually have to make the application or could it also come from you?

no When I get married, I want it to be traditional for me. And that of course also implies that the man is asking the question.

Marc Terenzi said in an interview a few days ago that he misses you very much. How was seeing him again after you left?

He stood there. (laughs) At first I thought it was a mirage. For me, the shock of moving out was a bit much at once. I thought a few minutes beforehand that this would be a normal day at the camp. But of course the reunion was great and I’m so happy to be back and see him. For me everything is good.

You clashed with Jana Pallaske in the camp. What bothered you the most about her?

I wouldn’t even say bumping into each other. I just found her behavior generally unempathetic and selfish. In this specific case, I didn’t feel like a discussion and just wanted to eat. I was uncomfortable and an hour later we spoke. She’s just a completely different person than me, but I accept her. When she’s out, though, I don’t have to sit here at the table with her and eat muffins.

Who will make the running as jungle king or jungle queen?

Short and clear answer: Claudia Effenberg.