Verona Pooth: After burglary shock: The investigations were stopped

The gang of four turned Verona Pooth’s (53) life upside down from one day to the next. The TV star’s villa in Meerbusch was looted by the masked burglars on Christmas Eve 2021 of all days. At that time, Verona and her husband Franjo (52) and their sons visited their in-laws. The thieves used the absence of the ex-moderator to steal valuable jewelry and cash, among other things. A big shock!

“At the moment it’s just a nightmare”: You can see Verona Pooth’s emotional words after the burglary in the video above.

As FOCUS Online learned from investigators, the perpetrators are said to have caused total damage of around one million euros. The problem: The burglars could not be identified so far. No wonder, then, that the burglary investigations had to be stopped.

Verona Pooth after the burglary shock: “I fight every day”

As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the burglary case remains unsolved. A spokeswoman for the Düsseldorf public prosecutor’s office therefore announced that the investigation had been discontinued. A severe blow to Verona Pooth, who since the incident had hoped to see her possessions again. From a financial point of view, the slump on Christmas Eve was a black day for the 53-year-old. She explained to “Bild”: “So far, my insurance company has paid me back a large part of the damage amount, but I fight every day for the outstanding amount.”

Verona Pooth: “I’m in a kind of trauma”

Verona Pooth becomes particularly emotional when she thinks of her stolen wedding jewelry. You can’t replace this with money – and even an imitation doesn’t seem to be an option for the TV beauty, as she openly clarified: “I’m very good friends with Willi Rüschenbeck. He offered me his help in every form. But that wouldn’t be the same. I’m really in some kind of trauma.”