Verónica Castro defended her son Cristian for his new look and compared him to Nodal

Verónica Castro came out to defend her son Cristian Castro after the wave of criticism she received for her new look. Undoubtedly, the interpreter of “For loving you like this” did not go unnoticed when he premiered his purple hair and colorful suit on the Argentine reality show Canta Conmigo Now, where she is currently working.

This new physical appearance made Castro the target of memes, ridicule, jokes and criticism. Many came to compare him with the Cuban Osmel Sousa and also with the main character of the Beetlejuice tape.

Given the incessant comments on the Internet, the 47-year-old singer decided to speak about it: “I’m going to extremes just to have something different each edition of each program, that is different. It’s a moment of mine that I haven’t had in a long time.” TV and I’m having fun too.

For her part, her mother also expressed her opinion through Twitter. “He has fun with himself and does not hurt anyone,” wrote the actress of “La Casa de las Flores” and immediately received signs of support from her fans.

“I don’t understand why they throw so much hate at Cris, if, as you say, Vero, it doesn’t hurt anyone,” was one of the many comments in favor of the prestigious actress and her son.

Later, Verónica Castro published a photograph of her son’s new look comparing him to the Mexican musician who has also surprised with physical changes lately (tattoos and hair color changes) and assured: “I love them.”