Veronica Ferres daughter Lilly Krug speaks openly about nude scenes

Lilly Krug stars as Sky in her new film alongside US actor Cameron Monaghan "shattered".

Lilly Krug stars as Sky in her new film Shattered alongside US actor Cameron Monaghan.Image: 2022 LEONINE Studios

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Imke Gerriets

Lilly Krug has already worked alongside Hollywood greats like John Malkovich. The daughter of Veronica Ferres and Martin Krug now knows what it means to be in the public eye. Recently, mother and daughter also celebrated the premiere of Lilly’s feature film “Shattered – Dangerous Affair” together, which opens in cinemas on November 24th.

In an interview with watson Lilly reveals what it means to be the daughter of famous parents, reveals which path she wants to go herself and how she deals with nude scenes.

watson: Your part in “Shattered” is not your first role alongside big stars. You already shot “The Plane” with Gerard Butler. Still nervous about working with Hollywood greats?

Lilly Krug: The interesting thing for me is the person behind the name – to find out how he develops a role and also what personality is behind all the fascinating characters. Every time you go on set you meet new people. Because some of them have been doing the job for years, you can take a lot of their experience and wisdom with you: What makes the person so successful, so special? When I was young I was able to learn a lot.

John Malkovich is Producer on “Shattered”…

I’ve known John since I was a kid. He wanted to do a movie with me in the lead when I was 14. I wasn’t an actress then and had canceled. I also wanted to finish school in peace. He always stuck with me because he saw something in me that I didn’t see myself then. Then he came back with the chance.

Your mother Veronica Ferres is also a producer on the film. How important is it to you to separate work and private life on set?

It’s important to me to completely separate private and professional life – especially on the set. Even if friends or family are there, you play someone else. You have to be able to separate that and stay professional. You have to immerse yourself completely in the world of your characters.

“I know they would never have done anything to hurt me.”

You handle weapons in the film. How relaxed are you shooting scenes like this?

Safety is always the most important thing on set. That’s why I started stunt training six weeks before shooting started. We all had stunt doubles who taught us how to do it and what to look out for. You see how comfortable you feel with it. I then acted out the scenes myself. There is also always a security check before weapons are handed out. But it’s definitely something new to have a gun in your hands. I hadn’t had that before.

You can also be seen naked in the film. Do you have problems with this?

The most important thing in nude scenes is the team that is around you. If I had had a director and a cinematographer who didn’t make me feel good, who I didn’t trust and who I know what I’m saying isn’t in good hands, I would never do it and I would never recommend it to anyone. But I knew Luis Prieto, the director who has my full confidence, as well as the cameraman. I know they would never have done anything to hurt me.

So you’re not afraid of such explicit scenes?

It’s very hard to know in advance what it’s like for you, but you get a feel for the right people. You need that, especially as an actress. It didn’t make me uncomfortable. Everything was done with a lot of love and care. In general, it always depends on the script: does the role need it? It took Sky to show what a love affair, love flood it was. But I always pay attention to: Does it fit the project and do the people I would play it with fit in?

“It wouldn’t have made any difference whether I knew the person or not.”

There is also a scene in the thriller where you kiss a woman. How do you approach such scenes?

That was interesting because I know Ash Santos well. She’s an incredible actress, has my utmost respect and we often do auditions together. We’ve never kissed before, of course, but it’s just like any other relationship on set: you walk in and leave Lilly or Ash outside the door. The moment the scene is over, you laugh briefly and then it’s good again. It wouldn’t have made any difference whether I knew the person or not.

Especially in Hollywood, stars go to their physical limits for their roles. Is there anything you wouldn’t do for a film role?

I always think it’s very easy to say when you’re not in a situation like that. If you’d asked me three years ago, “Would you ever do the things that ‘Shattered’ asked for?” I would have said, ‘Phew, I don’t know.'”

“If that’s the case, I give everything for a project – but of course there are personal limits.”

Do you mean the nude scenes?

Yes, them too. But now it totally worked for me. In general, it depends on the script and the idea. For me it’s important: Does the script upset me, what feelings do I have, do I want to do it, tell the story? If that’s the case, I give everything for a project.

In addition to your acting activities, you are studying psychology in Los Angeles. Is that your second mainstay?

I didn’t know what I wanted to do after school. I quickly realized that I have a great interest in people. That’s why I’m studying psychology. Because I discovered acting for myself, theater also came into play.

Does your psychology degree help with acting?

I couldn’t carry the burden on me all the time because I would be too proactive, but it helps in understanding people. I realized how much college helps me with acting, especially with characters like Sky. It’s about understanding what’s going on in the psyche and it makes the character more tangible.

“We took this step consciously.”

This year you attended the Oscars for the first time. Many stars in Germany dream of a career in Hollywood. What is it like starting your career there?

I went to an international school and grew up bilingual. This gave me a double chance to build my career in America and in Germany. I can play in Germany, which I enjoy immensely because it’s still my home and I love being there. But to get the chance to implement projects in America is extremely lucky.

In 2019, your mother first shared a photo of you online when you came of age. Would you have wanted to go public sooner?

I’m grateful that I had the first 18 years to myself privately. Especially as a teenager you don’t know exactly who you are, you try things out, you make mistakes. If I had been in the limelight then, I wouldn’t be the Lilly of today. I had to go through all the experiences of figuring out who I am so that I could go out in public with an empowered personality. I needed the time to myself to make all the mistakes and find myself. We took this step consciously.

Many in Germany know that you are the daughter of well-known filmmakers. It will be different in the US, right?

Yes, but I’ve never been favored by anyone because I’m “the daughter of”. I was really surprised how many dear supporters I have around me. I’m incredibly lucky there.

How do you deal with envy and competition in business? The market is incredibly competitive.

I don’t feel envious because, for example, after a rejection I realize that the role didn’t suit me. It’s not personal. You get a lot of rejections, but you have to be confident and stick with it.