Veronica Ferres talks about Maschmeyer’s overcome addiction

Veronica Ferres spoke about Carsten Maschmeyer’s former addiction to tablets, which put their relationship to the test.

the essentials in brief

  • Veronica Ferre’s husband was addicted to sleeping pills.
  • Now she’s talking about his addiction.
  • This put the relationship to the test.

Actress Veronica Ferres (56) spoke openly about her husband Carsten Maschmeyer’s (62) former addiction to tablets. In a conversation with Johannes B. Kerner (57) on his talk show “Best Filling”, which will be shown on Magenta TV from April 21, Ferres reveals: “I said at the time: We are no longer together as man and woman , but I’ll take you there like a sister.”

At the same time, she also made it clear: “We’ll see if we still have a chance afterwards.” The pressure during this time was immense for her, because: “I was solely responsible for his life, which was highly endangered. It could easily have turned out differently.”

That’s what Maschmeyer said about his addiction

In September last year, Maschmeyer made his former addiction to tablets public. In his book The Six Elements of Success, he revealed how it came about. Despite “18-hour days” he could not sleep properly. “Pressure on the stock market” gave him “the rest at the time”.

His doctor did not recognize that Maschmeyer was suffering from burnout. “And instead of recommending that I work less and go for walks more often, I gave them the sleeping pills.”

At first he was able to keep his addiction a secret even from Ferres. “I visited her when she was filming in Africa. If I knew she was filming a few hours.

Then I quickly threw in a few pills and slept for three hours. On the first vacations together, I dealt with white lies when I lay down.”

Nevertheless, it was Ferres who finally got him out of addiction. «At that time I had serious failure symptoms, I babbled. Veronica realized how things were with me and pulled the ripcord. Her hard-hitting message was: Either you do serious rehab or it’s over.”

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