Verónica Linares ignores Gisela after confirming a meeting with Magaly: “I can interview whoever I want” | show business-celebs-peru-magaly tv the firm | SHOWS

Veronica Linares She was excited to the press after learning that Magaly Medina agreed to be interviewed. All this, after the figure of América Televisión interviews Gisela Valcárcel on her YouTube channel ‘La Linares’.

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It should be remembered that the host of “El Gran Show” recommended to Linares in the middle of the interview that she gave him, that “You have to know how to choose”, because the journalist mentioned that she would like to have Medina in her space.

After her statements, Verónica Linares decided to “ignore” Gisela Varcárcel’s comment, stating that she hopes that the host of “Magaly TV: La Firme” will return from her vacation in Miami to agree on the interview. Likewise, Linares made it clear that she can interview whoever she wants.

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She (Magaly Medina) is on vacation and so am I, I suppose it will happen when she returns, I don’t know exactly when it will be, but I’m going to interview her anyway. I have an interview with Tilsa Lozano, which is my first program in January, and I also have another important character for next Thursday that is from another channel”, he revealed to Trome.

On my YouTube channel I can interview whoever I want. As I told you, after my show with Tilsa Lozano I have another important character from another channel who is my friend as a guest.”, the communicator maintained, confirming that the popular ‘Urraca’ will take place.