Véronique Genest balances on the “complicated” behavior of Mouss Diouf (and distributes a tackle in passing)…

Why did Mouss Diouf leave the very popular series “Julie Lescaut”, broadcast on TF1, shortly before his death? On the set of “Chez Jordan”, Véronique Genest makes astonishing revelations … The behavior of the late actor is pointed out by the star.

Remember, from 1992 to 2006, Mouss Diouf played the role of Justin N’Guma in the former hit series of TF1, Julie Lescautbeside Veronique Genest. But the actor was fired without warning, a few years before the end of the series. The former performer Julie Lescaut explained to Jordan Deluxe why Mouss Diouf had been ousted from the cast at the time. “There were problems with the production because Mouss Diouf was somewhat complicated, honestly. The real problem is that he never signed his contracts. Then he wanted more money, he was a little complicated on that“, also revealed the 66-year-old actress, slightly tackling her former colleague who was obviously too financially greedy…

Mouss Diouf: why he was ousted from Julie Lescaut

He wanted to tour less and earn more. I told him, ‘You can’t have it all’“, said Véronique Genest. The actress then begged her colleague to “take a decision“As for his future on the show,”because he wanted to do his own show“, she said. Faced with this behavior, Mouss Diouf was first temporarily ousted from the cast. “So, the production, to teach him a lesson, asked me not to tell him that he would not appear in the next episodes. And that, I was very angry about. I made the production promise, ‘Okay, you’re not putting him in the next two episodes, which will be fine because there’s his show, but you reintegrate it both according to‘”, recalled Véronique Genest, still with Jordan De Luxe.

Mouss Diouf: descent into hell and health concerns

But then, why did Mouss Diouf not return to the series after this break beyond his control? It was Mouss who didn’t want to come back afterwards because he was upset, which was a shame. He died shortly thereafter.” regretted Véronique Genest. In 2009, almost three years after his departure from Julie LescautMouss Diouf was the victim of two cerebral accidents which brutally deteriorated his health.

The actor is even fell into a coma in July 2012, before passing away a few days later. After his death, Mouss Diouf left behind his wife Sandrine, their son Isaac, now 18 and a football fan, as well as his two daughters from a previous union, Tessa and Selena.

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