“Very cold”: That’s not how Peer Kusmagk & Janni Hönscheid Finca-Leben imagined

The professional surfer Janni Hönscheid (31) and the moderator Peer Kusmagk (46) moved from Potsdam to Mallorca a few months ago.

The couple now lives with their three children in a finca in the country. But it’s not as nice as it sounds, Janni and Peer now reveal in an interview with “Promiflash”https://www.bunte.de/stars/star-life/.”It’s very rustic, it is very cold when it’s cooler,” says the 46-year-old.

Janni Hönscheid: “An absolute nightmare right now”

Living on a beautiful island – very quiet and idyllic in the country – that was the idea of ​​Janni and Peer. Unfortunately, the reality is different. “There is no heating. You only have 50 liters of warm water,” admits the moderator.

Finca life is definitely a big change compared to life in Potsdam. For example, there is no dryer in the finca. “We thought we’d just hang the laundry outside. In fact, it’s an absolute nightmare because it’s colder than we thought and it just doesn’t dry at all,” explains Janni and Peer adds, unnerved: “We’re currently quite consumed by finca life.”

“Today, even the chickens were too cold. Then they came in and shitted everything,” he continues, laughing because the situation is so absurd.

In any case, the family would have imagined life in a romantic finca to be more relaxed.