Vianney: a man robs his car with his baby inside!

On October 19, 2021, Vianney became a father for the first time to a little boy, named Edgard according to the magazine. here is. Fruit of his love with the cellist Catherine Robert, already mother of a little girl. Dear to the heart of the artist, who wrote the song Father in law, for her. Young parent for a few months, the singer got a big scare during his tour. While he was with his family, during his day off, he had a hell of a misadventure in the streets of Paris. That he told, this Monday, March 21, on Instagram. In a video, published on his account, the coach of The Voice said he was chatting with friends on a street in the capital, leaving his baby to sleep in the vehicle, parked 10 meters away. “There was a man glued to the car, who was a bit strange it’s true, not very clean on him. It must have been a few days since he had to struggle on the street »he first confided.

“There was my little baby who was sleeping”

Before continuing: “I ask him if everything is fine, he does not answer me too much. And he actually comes up to me and says, brother, I’m sorry. I actually stole everything in your car. Here, I give you everything. But it was open, I’m sorry I beg your pardon. And so he gave me back everything that was in my car”revealed the singer. Which was “upset”by the honesty of the thief. “I don’t know what made him go back on his gesture. Maybe just because we watched it. In any case, it just means something, there is still light in everyone, friends. There is good in everyone. It’s a crazy thing. And I’m sure he didn’t recognize that guy, I’m telling you.”continued Vianneywho gave news of his son, who remained inside the car.

Vianney’s Instagram account
Vianney’s Instagram account

“I see in the eyes, he didn’t know he was a singer. He didn’t see any of that, he just saw a human and he started to regret his gesture., concluded the young dad. Who wanted to reassure his community of 656,000 subscribers. “And of course the baby is fine! I kept an eye on his door, but obviously this gentleman entered from the other side of the vehicle, discreetly…”he added.