Vianney cash in the face of this terrible announcement…

Vianney is a singer who knew how to make himself known quite quickly thanks to his many songs which were able to satisfy the hearts of his fans. But the latter recently faced a shocking message!

Vianney, the success of the French singer!

Some singers manage to make themselves known quite quickly thanks to songs that bring heavy lyrics. And others to make a name for themselves in their field by bringing personal touches, trying to welcome new fans and a new community.

Thus, Vianney is a singer who has been practicing for a few years in France. The latter currently has a very large community, comprising several hundred thousand fans.

A very important aspect, because the latter was able to find success quite quickly, by launching into music. And it is an art that he exercises as it should, because the latter is known in particular thanks to great successes.

In particular, he was able to bring different aspects of his career, because he was notably present as a jury in the program The Voice. A participation which allowed Vianney to be able to be seen under another face, allowing to conquer many other fans.

But recently, he had to deal with an upsetting message, which made headlines.

Vianney faced with a moving message!

It happens that certain personalities manage to touch their fans in a very strong way.

And this has recently been seen in many examples. As during the trial of Johnny Depp, which was in the headlines of the newspapers and the media for several weeks. Many fans have lent their support to the latter, allowing them to bring additional recognition.

But it’s Vianney, who was recently called out for giving support to one of his fans. The latter has a very full daily life, especially since he was a dad.

Since last October, Vianney has been the proud father of a little boy, born of his marriage to musician Catherine Robert. A busy daily life, between learning to be a parent, life as a couple and family. But in particular with the performances on stages and the passages in various emissions.

Thus, he was recently challenged on Twitter, to be able to support one of his fans. This Saturday, June 11, 2022, columnist and host Éric Naulleau shared the following message on Twitter: “ Dear twittos, Lisa “the warrior” has 1 little message for Vianney. Following a brain operation, her “word is locked in her body” but SHE WILL EXPLODE WITH JOY WHEN HER SINGER MEET HER. We are counting on you (RT + msgs) and on @Cyrilhanouna @nikosaliagas“.

A touching message for the latter, who has had this dream of meeting her idol forever. But also a strong message for many fans who did not hesitate to relay this information.

And that seemed to bear fruit for the singer Vianney!

He responds now!

Everyone knows it, but Vianney is a singer very close to his fans. He knows in particular that thanks to them, the latter is present on stage and that he owes them his success.

Some other artists are also very well known for being very close to their fans. Sometimes inviting them on stage, or even during specific events, the opportunities are numerous!

It was also possible to see some actors visiting children who are hospitalized. Bringing them many special moments and also helping them to face their illnesses. We can thus evoke Johnny Depp, who has been present with many children, allowing them to be supported.

But Vianney also has this sensitive soul and this eternal recognition towards his fans. This is how the latter notably responded with the following message to this specific request: “ Dear Eric, message received, we are organizing this, with great joy“.

A message that will undoubtedly bring a lot of joy to this fan who is currently fighting. And there is no doubt that this will also continue to gild the image of singer Vianney with his many fans.