Vicente Fox and Roberto Palazuelos open a cannabis store

The former president, Vicente Fox Quezada, and the famous Mexican actor, Roberto Palazuelos, joined forces in the ‘Paradise Shop’ project since last year, which is a cannabis products store which will soon open a new branch in San Luis Potosi, while it already has more than 70 stores operating in 28 states of the Mexican Republic.

According to the description of the project, the sole objective of the store is to “help hundreds of people improve their mood, health and improve their well-being”, since the most important thing for ‘Paradise’ is that Mexicans find out about all the benefits that cannabidiol (CBD) has.

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It should be noted that apart from Palazuelos and Fox, there are other partners who are working together on this project, such as Marcus Dantus, Fernando Carcamo, Fernando EspinoBarros and Guillermo Palau, who are the founding partners and have been in charge of venturing into this new industry. .

Let us remember that in the middle of last year, the former president and ‘The Black Diamond’ were associated and the popular actor let it be known on June 8 with a publication that he shared through his personal account on the Instagram social network, where revealed that he bought a part of the company.

“I tell you that I acquired the share capital of the Paradise company that is dedicated to the Marijuana business, I am formally a partner of former President Vicente Fox and businessman Marcus Dantus, I am excited about this new company in which I am sure we will go far, Paradise! “, wrote Robert Palazuelos in your post.

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Based on information released by El Universal, ‘Paradise Shop’ has the goal of having 200 branches operating in the 32 entities of the country by the end of 2022 and according to César Escalante, there are already “160 contracts to open and approximately 70 operating.”

“We have doctors specialized in the endocannabinoid system. This system is present in all human beings. Few people have information about it, so our goal is to inform and help people who are looking for a natural alternative for their health. We are not looking to sell for the sake of selling, but rather to promote informed and responsible consumption”, assured Cesar Escalante, manager of operations and expansion of Paradise Shop.

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