Vicente Jr’s girlfriend made a fuss by showing off a photo with Nodal

The followers, that nothing escapes them, made a “poisonous analysis” by the way and the position in which Mariana and Vicente appear together with Belinda’s ex.

They say that a photo says more than a thousand words. And that is precisely what many Internet users weighed when they saw the image shared by Mariana González, Vicente Jr.’s girlfriend, together with the singer Christian Nodal.

Although in the image they do not appear alone; The followers, who do not miss anything, made a “poisonous analysis” for the way and position in which Mariana and Vicente appear together with Belinda’s ex.

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Mariana González has been in a relationship with Vicente Fernández Jr. since 2020. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

“I love its simplicity” was part of the message with which Mariana shared the publication on her Instagram account. According to her, they were at the Brosco cafe in Guadalajara, Mexico.

So far so good; but Internet users found it “curious” that the blonde was very close to Nodal and turned her back on Alejandro Fernández’s brother. There were even those who criticized her pose that she adopted, as well as mocked the look of her boyfriend.

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Illustrative and non-commercial image /

“His body language caught my attention”, “The old man stole the nephew’s clothes ha ha ha”, “The net my dear Chente Jr. is filling there in the photo. What is seen, is seen”, “Why is your partner so far away. It seems that it does not fit in the photo”, “Already thinking about changing my outfit ha, ha, ha”, The truth is that I know very badly that now that he is with Vicente jr. He dedicates himself to meeting artists and taking photos where Vicente is obvious. From afar, he only uses it to approach artists, what is seen is judged” and “Why do you put aside the older colt”, were some of the ruthless comments left in the publication.