victim of an affront, the Web gets carried away against a famous magazine…

It is a choice that makes the Web scream. The famous magazine “Rolling Stone” has published its very personal ranking of the “200 greatest singers and greatest singers of all time” and… the Quebec diva is not included! A shame for the star with 40 years of career.

Pure snobbery? Unfortunate omission? The American magazine RollingStone is at the heart of a real bad buzz on social networks since the publication, on January 1, 2023, of her list of the 200 greatest singers and greatest singers of all time (ranking carried out by its journalists and its best contributors). Celine Dion was snubbed and this greatly displeases her fans but also several personalities who have come to her defense.

Rolling Stone ranking: Celine Dion excluded, who is there?

The top 3 of this maligned ranking established by RollingStone is the following: Aretha Franklin, whitney houston and Sam Cooke. “In any case, what mattered most to us was the originality, the influence, the depth of the artist’s musical catalog and the extent of his musical heritage.“, the magazine justifies itself. However, we find in this ranking young singers, for the time being, with a very short career like Rosalia or Billie Eilish. If they are undoubtedly called upon to last in the music industry and to touch a increasingly large audience, it is however surprising to see certain names snubbed despite longevity or popularity… We will note, however, a surprise: the presence in this ranking of the French singer Francoise Hardy !

On the other hand, on the side of the absent: we notice that Madonna, Cher, Janet Jackson, Andrea Bocelli or Britney Spears do not appear in the list…

Celine Dion dismissed: enormous anger on the Web

With 40 years of career, 200 million albums sold worldwide, awards such as the Grammy Awards and legendary hits like my heart Will Go On Where All By Myself, the absence of Celine Dion is rightly coughing! Especially since she sings in two languages ​​and her voice is recognized as one of the most beautiful on Earth… This absence thus makes the front page of the Montreal Journal and was widely commented on Twitter.

Dear Rolling Stone. Removing Celine Dion from your top 200 must probably be a matter of the honest and regrettable mistake… because to do so intentionally would be criminal. So… fix it“, wrote Bonnie Bernstein, columnist for CBS. “Respectfully, not to include Celine Dion, arguably the best vocal technician of all time, it’s borderline treason“, reacted the producer Jamie Lambert. “Look, you can argue that Celine Dion’s music isn’t your cup of tea and that’s ok. You can argue that Celine Dion songs today are dated compared to Billie Eilish’s generation and that’s okay too. But that Celine Dion is not among the best singers of all time, it is inconceivable“, added the account of the journalist Rama’s Screen.

Since the publication of the article, Celine Dion found herself in a few hours among the most commented subjects on Twitter. The official account of the music streaming giant, Spotify, also reacted in its own way by publishing a link to a playlist including 50 songs by the Quebec diva as a reminder to RollingStone the extent of the star’s repertoire.

As for the main concerned, she remains silent. Celine Dion, who posted a message for Christmas, recently revealed to suffer from Stiff-Person syndrome or stiff person syndrome (RPS). However, she must go back on stage in a few months to resume her world tour, Courage World Tour.