Víctor Manuelle harmonizes his two musical sides | shows

The singer Victor Manuelle harmonizes its two musical sides with the release of its twenty-third production, Side A Side B.

Side A is nourished by fresh sounds fused with the urban genre, while Side B has traditional salsa as the protagonist. The latter was recorded on two-inch tape, analog sounds and with live musicians, in the style of the 70s and 80s.

With this album, the artist reaffirms his commitment to the tropical genre, in the midst of the avalanche of urban music in the industry, while highlighting the importance of collaborations.

“I have never wanted to abandon my gender. If there is someone who has been a defender, tooth and nail for more than 27 years, it is me. But I have seen that the collaborations have made it possible for me to have a very broad demographic, so as not to go missing among the 15 to 17-year-old public”, the interpreter acknowledged.

However, he is clear about the importance of Side B in his career, so if he had to choose one, it would be this one.

“Side B is not what you do every day. Recording on two-inch tape, piano, acoustic, bass, live strings… we don’t always have that kind of opportunity because of time and money. Side B has a very important meaning for me. Side A is still special, I worked on it with the same affection, but obviously it is commercial and what I am used to doing for a long time, “he pointed out to THE SPOKESPERSON.

The proposal, which premieres this Friday, includes collaborations with Miky Woodz, Farina, La India and Marvin Santiago (1947-2004) thanks to technology. In addition, it has a song written and produced by Romero Santos.

In the same way, there will be a version available on vinyl so that the full quality of the sounds recorded for Side B can be appreciated.

On the other hand, he announced that he hopes to have a concert before the end of the year. For now, it will be presented on the National Zalsa Day on June 12.

Happy with your face sounds familiar to me

On the other hand, the Puerto Rican serves as a judge in the second season of Tu Cara Me Suena (TeleOnce) where his compatriots Michael Stuart and Christian Daniel compete.

This facet has been “difficult” for the Elizabethan due to the format of the competition.

“Michael has thrown himself away too much. I am extremely surprised with all the participants. With Michael not so much…because he knew him. Michael… I knew this guy was going to eat her up! But I am surprised with so much talent that each one of them has. Many who are dedicated to imitating and others who leave their comfort zone, “he said.

The program is in its final stage and the standings are led by Dominican Manny Cruz, followed by Michael Stuart.

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