Victoria Beckham and David Beckham on the verge of divorce? This shot of the couple that says a lot

Sunday, December 25, on Instagram, Victoria Beckham shared a photo in which she poses on the knees of her husband David Beckham, her best Christmas present. What to put an end to the rumors of problems at the within the couple.

He was the greatest English footballer, she was one of the greatest English singers. When they met, Victoria and David Beckham were at the height of their glory, he with the Manchester United team, her with the group Spice Girls. The first time I met her she came to one of my matches in London with her manager and fellow Spice Girls member Sporty Spice,” David Beckham told jimmy fallonin 2020. And to add: “ I knew them, of course, because they were a hit at the time. I had just joined the Manchester United team at the time, and we all had our favorite Spice Girl. » Hers ? Posh Spice, of course. “She had had a few drinks so I thought why not, I’ll try to get her number. We chatted for about an hour in the player lounge. She had to take a train that day so I wrote my phone number on her train ticket, which I still have by the way! »

All I want for Christmas is… David Beckham

The beginning of a beautiful story that has lasted for more than twenty years and who saw the birth of four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. But, lately, rumors of problems within the star couple are circulating. Several English tabloids even claim that Victoria and David Beckham are on the verge of divorce. Especially because the singer turned fashion designer reportedly had his wrist tattoo removed with her husband’s initials “DB”. Unfounded rumors if we are to believe Victoria Beckham’s latest Instagram post. Sunday, December 25, she shared a photo in which she appears on the knees of David Beckham, wearing a Santa hat. She wears a sweater with the inscription “All I want for Christmas is David Beckham”diversion of the song of Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas is you (understand : “All I want for Christmas is you”). I got what I wanted for Christmas »wrote Victoria Beckham in the caption of the photo, it has the merit of being clear.