Victoria Beckham: between her two daughters-in-law, Nicola Peltz and Mia Regan, she made her choice

With her sons Brooklyn and Romeo in love, Victoria Beckham saw the family grow. And between Nicola Peltz and Mia Regan, the British stylist has her little preference.

Nope, brooklyn and Romeo Beckham are no longer hearts to take! The sons of Victoria and David Beckham found love on the arms of two models. Nicola Peltz for the first, Mia Regan for the second. On April 9, the eldest of the family also married his beautiful. If the parents are happy for their boys, Victoria Beckham however, has her little preference when it comes to her daughters-in-law.

In effect, Victoria Beckham would feel closer to Mia Regan. The Mirror reports that she experienced pain at seeing the marriage of Brooklyn Beckham mostly driven by the family of Nicola Peltzwhose father is the billionaire and businessman Nelson Peltz. Not to mention the wedding dress Nicola Peltzthat Victoria Beckham hoped to design, herself a recognized designer in the United Kingdom and across the Channel. But it is not so: she will prefer the talents of the tailor-made couture house Valentino Haute Couture.

The fusional Beckham family

With Mia Regan, things seem to be going much better. The 19-year-old girl seems to be closer to her boyfriend’s mother…because romeo has a closer relationship with his mother than brooklyn. Mia Regan wore Victoria Beckham’s designs as part of the presentation of the VVB collection. The young Mia Regan had posted on her Instagram account a photo of her in a striped gray blazer and pants set open over a black bra, matching a pair of sneakers. What certainly make David Beckham’s wife smile!


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