Victoria Beckham breaks silence on strained family relationships

Tense family atmosphere

Victoria Beckham breaks her silence

Victoria Beckham speaks for the first time about the family situation with her children. It was previously speculated that things were not looking rosy between her and her daughter-in-law.


Victoria Beckham opens up about her relationship with her children for the first time.

Victoria Beckham (48) expresses the tense atmosphere in the family for the first time. Since the wedding of Nicola Peltz (27) and son Brooklyn Beckham (23) last spring, rumors have been brewing that the two women are not on good terms with each other. The model refused to wear a wedding dress designed by her stepmother. In a new podcast episode of “Armchair Expert”, David Beckham’s (47) wife talks about her children and once again caused a lot of speculation and rumours.

“We are so close to our children, I think it’s all about communication,” says the singer in the podcast. She goes on to say that you’re just trying to do the best you can as a parent to support your kids. Nevertheless, the mother still has her ideas about how her children should ideally behave: “You want them to be happy, hard-working, good and friendly people.”