Victoria Beckham broken by the marriage of her son: this very surprising reason

Victoria Beckham and her family have been making headlines in the international celebrity press in recent days. And for good reason, the eldest son of this essential family of stars recently married. Brooklyn Beckham married the sublime actress Nicola Peltz. And the rumors therefore want that Victoria Beckham live less well this union than what she would like to let appear. Indeed, it is not always easy for a mother to see her children flying on their own. Especially when you’re as protective as Victoria Beckham. In the columns of the magazine The Mirror, a source close to the family of stars evokes the difficulties of the wife of David Beckham. According to her, behind the congratulations that surround the newlywed couple hide some unacknowledged suffering. Objeko tell you everything!

Victoria Beckham stays the course despite her grief

It’s a sweet and bitter situation at the same time to see your son getting married for a mother hen. Indeed, like all devoted mothers in the world, Victoria Beckham only wants the happiness of her children. The former Spice Girls is the mother of four children and it was therefore her eldest son who married on April 9, 2022. Brooklyn Beckham married Nicola Peltz and everyone could only be happy for them. Best of all, Victoria Beckham and her husband, David Beckham, were both happy and proud to see this newlywed couple soaring into life. On social networks and in the media, this is obviously how parents talk about the union of their children.

But if the words that are required are actually well said, tender gestures accompany the congratulations, nothing will prevent the parents of the newlyweds from feeling a little nostalgia. Indeed, Victoria Beckham will not surprise her fans if she declares having a twinge in the heart. The fact of seeing her eldest son move away from her to live his life and create his own family is not nothing. It is all the more difficult for the parents of the groom than for those of the bride. Since it is traditionally the son who leaves his family to join that of his wife. Also, mothers and their sons have a special relationship thatObjeko cannot describe here in a few lines.

But Victoria Beckham does not say any of this, officially. It is rather a source close to the family who allows himself to share the contradictory feelings of the wife of David Beckham. A mixture of pride, happiness, nostalgia and sadness.

Understandable moods for all mothers in the world

All the parents in the world want only the best for their children. Their happiness is essential. He is a priority and therefore also comes before his own happiness. But seeing one of her children get married, for a mom as protective as Victoria Beckham, is probably another story. Because obviously she can only be happy for her son. Indeed, Brooklyn and Nicola are very much in love with each other. They have been making each other happy for years. And will continue to float on their little cloud by joining forces to accomplish common projects. In particular that of founding a family, which can also only delight their respective parents.

But according to the source who confides in the columns of the newspaper The MirrorVictoria Beckham can’t help but fear seeing her son drift away from her. “Victoria is extremely close to Brooklyn and – as a firstborn – they have always had a special bond. »could we read. “She admitted that her biggest fear about her marriage is that she will lose it, which has started to show in recent weeks as the big day approaches. (…) In addition, the family of Nicola Peltz would be very invested in helping the young couple on a daily basis, to the great displeasure of Victoria Beckham. »added the source.

Nevertheless, Objeko do not doubt that Victoria Beckham sincerely rejoices in the union of her son with the one he loves. Also, the source added that the Brooklyn mom completely understands that she isn’t as involved as the bride’s parents. “She understands that Nicola’s family will be more involved, given that she is the bride, and that they are all in the United States.“, could we read indeed. In short, if Victoria Beckham is heartbroken, it’s only natural. But do not believe that this can harm his relationship with those close to him. Especially with his new daughter-in-law or with his son. Time will do its work and heal the wounds of this mother hen.