Victoria Beckham defends her son Brooklyn from teasing

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    The relationship between Victoria Beckham and her son Brooklyn has been affected in recent months. The main theme of the estrangement between mother and son is due to the former Spice Girl’s feud with her daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz. Regarding the employment situation in Brooklyn, Victoria expressed that she was upset with her son since she got him a job and he wasted the opportunity. As we have seen in her networks, now the older Beckham is an aspiring chef and it seems that his mother supports the decision.

    Brooklyn continues to try to gain a foothold in the world of cooking and often shares the recipes she makes on her Instagram profile. Accompanied by former Michelin chef Kevin Lee, in his latest post he appears cooking beef with carrot and potato garnish. But the response from his followers has not been as expected and the teases have filled the comment section. The large amount of butter and oil that she used to cook was criticized, and some followers said that the meat was too raw: “That cow is still very much alive,” commented one user. Press ‘play’ to discover the Brooklyn recipe:

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    Despite the estrangement with his mother, Victoria Beckham has proudly shared the video in his Instagram stories with the following text: “Inspiration for the Sunday roast. I will try this for your father, your brothers and your sister”, to which he has added trying to defend him from negative comments: “It’s strange, people, not raw”.

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