Victoria Beckham told Grazia magazine that beauty standards have changed and women now embrace their curves | Famous

Victoria Beckham believes that long gone are the days when women wanted to look slim and now feel free to hug their curves instead. This was expressed by the former Spice Girl to the magazine ‘Grazia’ in an interview published on May 16.

It must be remembered that in the 90s, the decade in which she achieved fame as a singer, the standard of female beauty was thinness, sometimes extreme. Posh herself was representative of this type of figure.

However, in recent years, these canons have been changing, something that David Beckham’s wife has noticed thanks to the women of Miami and has even sought to transform her physique to be in tune with the new ideals.

Victoria Beckham has followed a strict diet to stay slim

The truth is that, to get her figure, the English star has had to follow a strict diet. Last February, David Beckham revealed to the ‘Table 4’ podcast that his wife has eaten “the same thing” for the last 25 years: grilled fish and steamed vegetables.

In September 2021, Victoria Beckham visited the same program alone and commented that she avoids oils, butter, dairy and meat.

Victoria Beckham thinks being skinny is old-fashioned

The designer also spoke with the magazine ‘Grazia’ about her new designs: a line of tight dresses that allow the figure of those who wear them to be shown off.

When asked about what led her to create these pieces, Victoria Beckham recalled that in the spring of 2021 she was in Miami with her family (without the possibility of returning to London due to the coronavirus pandemic) and noticed that many local women embrace their curves and display them proudly on the streets.

“They walk the beaches of Miami without many clothes and they look fantastic, they show off their bodies with such confidence…”.

Thus, the former singer reflected that:

“Wanting to be skinny is an old-fashioned attitude. I think women today want to look healthy and curvy, they want to have some chest and butt.”

The mum-of-4 called this new ideal “liberating” and commented that she “loved” that Harper (her only daughter) was surrounded by “women who celebrate their curves and enjoy how they look.”

Everything indicates that the new beauty standards she referred to also inspired her to modify her body, as she revealed that she is now working on toning her derrière. To her training routine she added squats every day and lifting weights 5 to 6 days a week.

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