Victoria Silvstedt in mourning: she mourns the death of a loved one

This Thursday, March 17, Victoria Silvstedt announced a bad news to her followers on her Instagram account. The one who co-hosted The wheel of fortune alongside Christophe Dechavanne on TF1, has lost a loved one…

Victoria Silvstedt has disappeared from radar. At least, in France. After the show stops The wheel of fortunewho revealed her to the French public, the young woman continued to exercise her modeling activities. The one who lives between several continents gave an interview to Jordan Deluxe, on October 18th. The opportunity for the 47-year-old young woman to confide in her private life. During this interview to be found on the platform Star Play TV, the pretty Swedish revealed to have been sexually assaulted at the very beginning of her modeling career, when she criss-crossed Europe. “In Paris and Milan, it was a disaster (…)”, she recalled, and added that these attacks were daily.

“It was everywhere! Even in the metro, I was shocked! I came to Paris alone when I was 18. I called my mum in tears and told her, ‘I’m going to go home.’ It’s not common, but it happens”, she added to the microphone of Jordan Deluxe. Happier subject: in love with life and nature, the young woman is also very close to animals and the animal causee, just like Christophe Dechavanne. In 2016, she demonstrated to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in Sweden.

Victoria Silvstedt bereaved, she shares sad news

Subject not so happy, finally: very sensitive, the pretty blonde of one meter 80 announced very sad news to her community of which she is very close on Instagram. In effect, his dog, Félix died on Thursday March 17, 2022. An announcement made through a story shared on social networks and on which the pretty blonde poses with the adorable four-legged pug. “Rip Felix”, she captioned, all embellished with an emoji with a broken heart.

Then, on the following Story, we see Victoria Silvstedt and her sister Veronica pose alongside the furball. Her doggie was also present with her for many years. On December 24, 2011, Victoria Silvstedt presented her dog to her followers on Christmas Eve, surrounded by all her family. One thing is sure, she will never forget him.